ROYLSIL Inc. was established April 1, 2010.  As CEO & Founder,  I come to you with over 30 year’s experience in selling silanes, siloxanes, silicones, fumed and precipitated silica.


We specialize in both commercial and exotic silanes. ROYALSIL Inc. sells to and services a wide range of industries including but not limited to adhesives, building materials, caulks, coatings, plastics, rubber, sealants, or textiles.


Silane functionalities include but not limited to acrylate, amino, epoxy, mercapto, polysulfide, vinyl, fluoro & more.


Our silanes are designed to enhance and give notable improvements in chemical resistance, flexibility, rheology, tensile strength, and wet adhesion.




ROYALSIL Inc. provides high purity products (most 98.0% purity+) at competitive prices.

We stock more than a dozen commercial silanes in local warehouses for quick next day delivery. We have the most reasonable pricing for well over 100 other silanes

ROYALSIL Inc. is committed to the highest quality and value and we will conduct ourselves ethically at all times.  Our intentions are to meet and exceed customer’s requirements and expectations.




ROYALSIL offers 1 and 5 gallon pails, drums and IBC’s.




We presently have warehouses in Wilmington, DE, Batavia, OH, Omaha, NE, and Odessa, TX.


ROYALSIL  will set up local warehouse locations to accommodate next day service.


 ROYALSIL also can set up special terms and consignment depending on the volume.




We are not only a dependable source of specialty silanes but also bring technical expertise for you benefit. My close to 30 years service selling and servicing silanes gives me a deep reservoir of knowledge to answer technical challenges. ROYALSIL invites you to review some expired patents and helpful articles. We depend on your continued satisfaction in order to your business.